Communication Programmes

Functions of the Communication Division

The main functions performed by the communication division of the Department of Export Agriculture are to disseminate new information, research findings and to share experiences with all stakeholders of the sector to coordinate and direct them towards the development of economic and social standard. Besides of that promotion of domestic crop production and consumption as well as compost usage in spice sector are also encouraged.

All those activities programs functions and projects are implemented in national, provincial, district and regional level with the support of the field level staff by maintaining the. Personality and image of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Primary Industries and those operations are worked under the supervision of Minor Export Crops Promotion.

In order to achieve the foresaid objectives following media and productions are used.

1 Rupavahini Media
“Sengawunu Kahawanu” on Jatika Rupawahini at 06.00 pm – 06.15 pm
follow our YOUTUBE Channel"department of export agriculture" to watch boadcasted TV program

2 Radio Media
"RASAJANANI" Kadurata sewaya- every saturday- 4.00 pm to 4.30 pm

"RASA MANJARI"  every Sunday-ITN Fm-8.00pm to 9.00 pm

  1. National Newspapers
    Timely important articles and news cuts are published in Agricultural pages.
    Publishing of weekly average prices in crop vice by regional level of export agricultural crop products on Friday DINAMINa every week.
  2. Technical Bulletins
    Updating and publishing of technical bulletins on Export Agriculture Crops Technical bulletins are available for cinnamon, pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, clove, coffee, cocoa, betel, Citronella,vanilla ,Ginger , Turmeric Aricanut and lemon grass.
  3. Posters Leaflets and Broachers
    According to timely requirements, dissemination of related information on Export Agricultural crop sector are done.
  4. News letter (SARATHI)
    A quarterly publishing News letter called SARATHI carries the essence of the export Agricultural crop sector with scientific, aesthetic, cultural and marketing features etc. Download here episode 4 , episode 3
  1. Compact Discs / DVD
    Documentaries and Video clips are composed on export agricultural crops to cater the stakeholders’ demand.
  2. Exhibitions
    To participate into all national level and regionally held educational, technical and Industrial exhibitions for updating of stakeholder with current technological knowledge on the sector.
  3. Information Dissemination and personal guiding
    Responding to the telephone inquiries and giving the required information to the stakeholders and students in schools, technical colleges and universities.
  4. Maintaining of Multimedia Database
    Multimedia database on agronomic, Social, marketing scientific, technical and special events related to the sector are maintained on Departmental requirements and to cater the Stakeholders’ and for the improvement of the export Agricultural Crop sector.
  5. Face book- join with us to find out agronomic, Social, marketing scientific, technical and special events related to the sector


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