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Cinnamon Research Station (CRS)

The mission of the Cinnamon Research Station is to plan and implementation of appropriate Research and Development programes to enhance productivity and quality of Cinnamon and Citronella.

Current Research Programs


  • Development of high yielding cinnamon selections / varieties
  • Studies on plant spacing and density on Cinnamon bark yield
  • Collection and characterization of species in Genus Cinnamomum
  • Fertilizer studies on growth, yield and quality of cinnamon
  • Vegetative propagation and in vitro propagation of high yielding cinnamon selections
  • Identification and standardization of sulphur level in fumigated cinnamon quills
  • Study on flushing intervals on cinnamon peeling
  • Studies on factors affecting cinnamon leaf and bark oil quantity and quality
  • Floral biology, pollination and fruit set of selected Cinnamon accessions and wild relatives
  • Development of pheromone based IPM system for “Cinnamon Wood Boring Moth”
  • Studies of bio pesticides on insects and diseases for cinnamon plants at the nursery stage
  • Studies on leaf blight, white root and rough bark diseases in cinnamon cultivations
  • Studies on stem cracks damage in Cinnamon


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