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Intercropping & Betel Research Station, Narammala


The mission of the Betel and Intercropping Research Station is to Plan and implement research programs for promotion of betel cultivation and for studying the feasibility of intercropping Export Agriculture Crops under Coconut.

Current Research Programs

  • Selection of high yielding cocoa lines
  • Collection and evaluation of betel germ plasm for high yielding betel cultivars with promising leaf quality characters
  • The effect of different combinations of green manure, cow dung and recommended department fertilizer mixture on quality and yield of betel
  • Effect of different mulching materials to reduce the yellowing of coffee leaves under coconut
  • Integrated pest management of coffee under coconut
  • Breeding of ìManeruî and ìMala Bulathî with ì Rata daluî and comparison of the yield parameters of their subsequent generations with ìRata daluî
  • Evaluation of elite cinnamon lines as an intercropping under coconut in the intermediate zone
  • Response of organic and Inorganic fertilizer on the quality and yield of ginger under coconut cultivation
  • Field evaluation of induced mutation of black pepper under coconut
  • Comparison of pepper yield per unit area of plants originated from orthotropic and paleographic branches
  • Evaluation of suitable fertilizer levels of different fertilizer mixture under single supporting system in betel cultivation
  • Evaluation of suitable fertilizer mixtures for local market betel
  • Control method of bacterial leaf blight disease



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