Entomology Division

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The mission of the Entomology Division is to understand the biology and bionomics of the  insect pests of Export Agricultural Crops and provide scientific base for  management practices aiming to reduce the need for application of insecticides  by Integrated Pest management system including inundative, inoculative  and conservation biological control methods.

Current Research Programs

  • Management of pepper lacebug (Diconocoris distanti)

  • Control of cardamom thrips (Sciothrips cardamomi)

  • Investigation of biological control agents of export agricultural crops

  • Screening of pest resistant cultivars of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.).

  • Comparison of the degree of pest damages in organic farming with
    conventional farming and inter-cropping and mono-cropping systems.

  • Screening of botanicals for the control of pepper lacebug (Diconocoris distanti)

  • Identification and control of pests stored.










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