Soil and Plant Nutrition Division

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The Mission of the soil and plant nutrition Division is to increase the productivity and profitability of Export Agriculture Crops through recommendation of optimum of organic and inorganic nutrient inputs and finding out the cost effective and low cost nutrient sources.

Current Research Programs

· Effect of different types of mulches on soil properties, growth and yield of cacao

· Effect of different combinations of green manure and chemical fertilizer on yield of robusta coffee

· Effect of different rates of gliricidia green manure on growth and yield of arabica coffee

· Investigation of effect of Mg on growth and yield of pepper

· Investigation of possibility of substitution of ERP for IRP for cinnamon and pepper

· Field evaluation of the potential use of green manure as a source of fertilizer in pepper under different agro climatic conditions

· Effect of application of cattle and poultry manure on growth and yield of pepper

· Site specific fertilizer recommendation for pepper

· Comparison of organic farming and conventional farming practices on soil properties and yield of pepper

· Investigation of effect of source of N on growth and yield of black pepper

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