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Genetics and Plant Breeding Division

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The mission of the Genetics and Plant Breeding Division is to develop high yielding and high quality varieties of Export Agricultural Crops (EACs) and preservation of genetic materials of EACs including wild relatives.

Current Research Programs

•    Develop improved Pepper, Coffee, Cocoa, cardamom and Arecanut  varieties/cultivars and multi-location testing in research and farmer’s fields

•    Mass production of improved varieties/cultivars via establishment of seed gardens

•    Selection of mother plants to meet the excess demand for improved planting materials

•    Establishment of farmer field demonstrations to stimulate growers to plant improved materials

•    Collections, conservation & evaluation of Genetic Resources of EACs (pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, clove, vanilla,  coffee, cocoa, Citronella and lemon grass (local & Exotic) and their wild relatives

•    Use of novel DNA techniques for characterization of genetic resources, mapping of the genome, identifications of marker-trait association for marker assisted selection.

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