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Post Harvest Technology Research Division



The mission of the Post Harvest Technology Division is to carry out research programs aiming to  quality improvement of products, diversification of value added products and development of post harvest machinery and processing technologies to increase the income from Export Agriculture Crops.

Current Research Programs

Product Development

  • Development of technology to produce ready to use spice mix cube
  • Development of spice flavoured wine and cocktail drinks from cocoa mucilage
  • Value added product development of Citronella, Lemon Grass, Palma Rosa, Turmeric, and Ginger.
  • Performance evaluation of different curing methods and improvements to further processing of vanilla beans
  • Changes in chemical composition of cinnamon bark oil in relation to the time of distillation
  • Development of an appropriate technology to preserve the natural colour in mace.
  • Extraction and isolation of hydroxy citric acid from Goraka (Garcinia quaesita)
  • Development of technology to produce spice flavoured toffees
  • Development of technology to produce spice flavoured baked products for the market
  • Development  technology to produce coffee cream
  • Determination of the most suitable bulk packaging material for black pepper.
  • Studies on improvement of technology to produce high quality clove

Machinery development

  • Evaluation of dryers and machinery that are introduced by other institutes for EA Crops.
  • Design and fabrication of a deep, flat bed dryer for drying of nutmeg and pepper
  • Design and fabrication of fresh clove separator



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