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Major Functions

The Promotion of Export Agriculture Crops Act No. 46 dated 22nd September 1992 of Parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, embodies and gives statutory status to the functions and services mentioned below.

1.   Organizing and promotion of cultivation and processing of EACs

2.   Undertaking multidisciplinary research on crop improvement, crop husbandry, crop

3.  protection, post-harvest handling, and socio-economics

4.   Production and supply of quality planting material

5.   Implementation of EAC assistant schemes on crop production, productivity improvement, and quality improvement

6.   Providing crop protection advisory services

7.   Promotion of Integrated Pest Management

8.   Promotion of Integrated Plant Nutrient Management

9.   Promotion of Organic Farming

10. Dissemination of information on marketing, quality standards, and prices etc.

11. Control of importation of EAC products and planting materials etc.

12.Training of personals involved in EAC production, processing, and trading

13. Providing advisory services for the promotion of EACs in the estate sector

14. Strengthening of the linkage among public and private organizations involved with EACs

15. The executive authority vested under the Export Agriculture Act No. 46 of 1992

16. Contributing towards EACs related policy matters in other governmental organizations

17. Maintenance of technological demonstrations



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