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Obtaining Assistance for Development of Post Harvest Facilities and Equipments for EAC

Who can apply:
Farmer Organizations of EAC, Estates or large scale EAC growers

Nature of the Service :- Three assistance schemes

1) Group processing center establishments

Assistance is given for active Community Based Organizations registered under the Department. CBO must prove that there is an adequate production in surrounding area to run the setup in a profitable way. A project proposal has to be submitted after the registration of the scheme. The project proposal must explain the financial strength and administrative capacity of the FO, action plan and the future program for the unit. If the project proposal is technically sound and economically viable the approval will be granted

Under this scheme the CBO should provide facility to install the machineries recommended by the department. The Department will provide all the recommended machineries free of charge to the CBO on loan for a five year period of five years to process their produce at a central location. By evaluating the performance machineries will be handed over to the CBO at the end of the 5 year period.

2) Central processing center establishments

Large scale processing is encouraged under this scheme. Estates, large scale EAC growers or processors are targeted in the scheme. Any interested party, CBO or any individual are eligible to apply. However, the total investment should be greater than 1 million Rupees. Project proposal has to be submitted and it should mention the future program and action plan of the centre. If the project proposal is technically sound and economically viable approval will be granted to start the construction.

The applicant has to purchase machineries and the required technical assistance will be provided from the department. The total investment for the unit should be not less than Rs.10,00,000. The department will pay the 25% of the investment cost but the maximum payable amount is 5,00,000 (total investment Rs. 20,00,000). Payments are done after the completion of the work

3) Individual processing centers

The objective of assisting for individual processing units is to ensure high quality final product by improving the individual steps in the value chain. Medium scale EAC growers Farmers with organized out grower groups, Estates or medium scale processors/collectors of EAC can apply. CBOs also can apply but one person of the organization must take the responsibility of obtaining assistance according to the department regulations.

Under the scheme post harvest machineries & equipments, dryers and processing facilities will be provided to applicants at a subsidized rate. Once the building and machineries are installed they can get the cash grant as per the table given below.

Item / Investment
Cash grant Rs/ item or unit
Pepper processing
Pepper Thresher
      Electric  20,000
      Engine driven  22,500
Green berry separator
Coffee processing
Coffee pulper
      Electric  15,000
Cocoa processing
2'x2'x2' fermentation boxes (3 nos)
4,500 (1,500/box)
Tray fermentation
6,000 / unit
Essential oil distillation units
upto 75,000
Processing sheds
Cinnamon ( min. 400 sq feet)
40,000 /unit
other crops ( min 400 sq. feet)
 25,000 / unit
Multi purpose dryers (capacity 250 Kg or above)
Solar dryers (100 Sq. feet )
10,000 ( max)
Protected floors ( 200 Sq feet and above)
 25 Rupees / sq feet
Raised beds ( 200 Sq feet and above)
 maximum 25,000 Rs.

How to apply for services:
An application has to be submitted

  • to the Extension Officer based at the nearest Agrarian Service Centres during 8.30 a.m - 4.15 p.m on wednestays
  • to the Assistant Directors Office during 8.30 a.m - 4.15 p.m on office days

How to provide services :
After the registration of the application a group of DEA officers will visit the site and will decide whether the applicant had satisfied the eligibility criteria. The criteria considered in the inspection are the building site, records on the ownership of the site, records on financial strength and physical capability of FO/Applicant and the viability of the project proposal. If successful, the application will be registered with the scheme.

Approval will be granted thereafter to commence the construction and technical support will be provided when and wherever necessary. Technical assistance will be provided to purchase and install machineries. Payments will be done after the completion of the centre.

Time taken to provide Services:
6 months-one year after the application

Responsible Officers and Contact information :
District Assistant Director
Extension Officer of the Area based at the nearest Agrarian Service Centre
Deputy Director - Technical III

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